CDP's Water Program

Accounting for and valuing the world's natural capital is fundamental to building economic stability and prosperity and the global economy will favour businesses that take a pro-active approach to water stewardship. Each year we ask companies from the Global 500, S&P 500 and FTSE 100 indices as well as the largest companies in Australia, Japan and South Africa to respond to our water questionnaire. Whether or not you have received an information request on behalf of our investor signatories you can report to better understand and address your approach to water stewardship.
Following model of our highly successful, standardised process for climate change reporting. CDP's water program has quickly established itself as the pre-eminent platform for corporate water disclosure. The process of responding to the water questionnaire helps businesses and institutional investors to better understand the risks and opportunities associated with water scarcity and other water-related issues. Disclosure facilities company's journey towards water stewardship, delivering insight that enables companies to take intelligent action to manage this critical resource.
Businesses  have a number of reasons for disclosing water-related information through CDP:
•    Be transparent: The questionnaire can help your organisation communicate and build trust with shareholders, clients and the public audience.
•    Manage risks: The questionnaire provides a platform for your company to investigate risks arising from water scarcity, pollution and flooding and how to manage them.
•    Discover Opportunity: The questionnaire provides a platform to explore the business opportunities that are available and enhances the ability of the organisation to increase   efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs, and;
•    Save time: The questionnaire provides a standardised and centralised communication to investors focusing specifically on water,reducing the reporting burden for companies.