CDP works to transform the way the world does business to prevent dangerous climate change and protect our natural resources. We see a world where capital is efficiently allocated to create long-term prosperity rather than short-term gain at the expense of our environment.
Evidence and insight is vital to driving real change. We use the power of measurement and information disclosure to improve the management of environmental risk. By leveraging market forces including shareholders, customers and governments, CDP has incentivized thousands of companies and cities across the world’s largest economies to measure and disclose their environmental information. We put this information at the heart of business, investment and policy decision making.
We hold the largest collection globally of self reported climate change, water and forest-risk data. Through our global system companies, investors and cities are better able to mitigate risk, capitalize on opportunities and make investment decisions that drive action towards a more sustainable world.
Each year CDP publishes a number of analytical reports for our programs. The reports are written by CDP partner organizations and provide detailed analysis of the responses indicating important trends and developments.

CDP Investor Signatories

Climate change, water scarcity, flooding, pollution and deforestation present material risks and opportunities to investors.
In order to protect their long term investments, institutional investors must act to reduce the long-term risks arising from environmental externalities.
CDP investor initiatives – backed in 2013 by more than 722 institutional investors representing an excess of US$87 trillion in assets – give investors access to a global source of year-on-year information that supports long-term objective analysis. This includes evidence and insight into companies’ greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and strategies for managing climate change, water and deforestation risks.
Leveraging the power of the shareholder and lender, CDP has gathered the largest global collection of self reported environmental information. Our system enables companies around the world to measure, disclose, manage and share climate change, forest and water information. As a result, these investor initiatives play a critical role in driving emissions reductions and improved water and forest management and trigger corporate behavioural change.
CDP requests standardized climate change, water and forest information from some of the world’s largest listed companies through annual questionnaires sent on behalf of institutional investors that endorse them as ‘CDP signatories’. These shareholder requests for information encourage companies to account for and be transparent about environmental risk. Transparency of this data throughout the global market place ensures the financial community has access to the best available corporate climate change information to help drive investment flows towards a low carbon and more sustainable economy.
Companies that measure their environmental risk are better able to manage it strategically. And those that are transparent and disclose this information are providing decision makers with access to a critical source of global data that delivers the evidence and insight required to drive action.
Thousands of companies around the world from medium sized enterprises to large publicly quoted corporations are realizing the benefits from this process.

Why Report to CDP?

Companies that disclose to CDP are able to demonstrate:
• Increased awareness of greenhouse gas emissions hot spots so that they can begin to reduce them.
• Business leadership in understanding the risks from climate change, deforestation and water scarcity.
• How they are creating opportunities to innovate and generate revenue from sustainable products and services.
• How they are future-proofing their business from climate change and water impacts.

Our Climate Change Work

For over a decade CDP has worked to tackle climate change. It is linked to everything we do.
We believe that systemic change – a real transformation of the global economic system – is required if we are to achieve the scale of change that will limit global warming and prevent catastrophic climate change.
Rising energy demands are competing for a limited supply of fossil fuels. Energy security and a clean energy revolution have never been more important.
The CDP system has helped move climate change and energy efficiency onto the business radar and into mainstream business thinking. Companies are better able to understand how to protect themselves from the impacts of climate change and become more energy efficient. Our approach has also helped the investment community to become more aware of the risk to their portfolios and act to achieve more sustainable and strong shareholder returns.
Request information on greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and the risks and opportunities from climate change from thousands of the world’s largest companies. We do this on behalf of 722 institutional investors with $ 87 trillion in assets. Through measurement and transparency companies are better placed to manage carbon and protect themselves from climate change risk. Disclosed information is made available by CDP for integration in business, investment and policy decision making.
Use the power of the shareholder to drive greenhouse gas emissions reduction. We co-ordinate a request from a group of investors asking the world’s largest companies in high emitting sectors to implement cost-effective emissions reductions. This expands on our climate change disclosure request to accelerate greater action by companies around the world.
Provide companies with carbon management support services. We have developed a services package that helps companies take a rigorous approach to carbon management, benchmark business performance and learn best practices.For more information click here.

Other CDP Programs

Water Program

At CDP we are working to catalyse a global movement towards sustainable corporate water stewardship to safeguard water resources and address the global water crisis - one of the most significant challenges facing the global economy. For more information click here.

Supply Chain Program

CDP's supply chain program enables organizations to implement successful supplier engagement strategies, reduce supply chain emissions, control water impact and manage risk in a changing climate. This collaborative approach fosters innovative thinking. For more information click here.

Forest Program

Deforestation accounts for approximately 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of the entire transport sector.The main driver of deforestation globally is land use change for agriculture. CDP's forests program assists companies and their investors worldwide to understand and address their exposure to deforestation risks through their use of five agricultural commodities that are responsible for most deforestation – timber products, palm oil, soy, cattle products and biofuels. For more information click here.

CDP Turkey

CDP Turkey, since 2010, has been carried out by Sabancı University Cooperative Governance Forum with the main sponsorship of Akbank and report sponsorship of EY Turkey.The companies which response CDP Turkey, have chance to share their climate change policies to international institutional investors through appropriate platform. This kind of opportunity will increase the investments in Turkey by raising the appearance of responding companies across the international investors. CDP Turkey has the specific missions such as facilitating the dialog between companies, helping the consulting firms about their visibility, supporting the communication effort of government, training and informing to responding companies about possible benefits and sharing good practices.
In first year, 50 companies in the index of BIST-50 were invited by CDP in total 11 companies responded to CDP. In the year of 2011, the sample is doubled and 100 companies in the index of BIST-100 were invited by CDP. 17 of these companies were responding and 3 companies, although they were not invited, responded voluntarily. In 2012, ISE-100 companies were invited and in total 32 companies respond CDP.  In 2013 the number of the BIST-100 respondents have risen by %65 compare to the previous year and in total 39 companies responded to CDP.
Compare to the other developing countries where CDP has operations like China, India and Russia, CDP Turkey respond rates showed remarkable increase. CDP Turkey is organising trainings and workshops throughout the year which plays an important role in increasing awareness in Turkey.